Progress on ferry boat horn nuisance

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Celine MizrahiOctober 22, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

At the joint session of the CB1 tonight, significant progress was made to thwart the ferry boat horn nuisance. For the first time, the office of federal official Jerrold Nadler (which has the best chance of impacting the federal Coast Guard laws causing the boats to sound) spoke out against the ferry boat honking. Rep. Nadler’s staffer, Celine Mizrahi, mentioned that their office would speak to the appropriate agencies and investigate the matter further. This is significant, because at the September CB1 meeting, Rep. Nadler was unaware of the problem until BatteryPark.TV spoke with him on his way out of the Jewish Memorial.

In addition, State Senator Dan Squadron was sympathetic to the cause. He indicated that he would speak with experts on the subject, such as North Cove Marina Commodore Mike Fortenbaugh.

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