Propaganda Watch: 3-17-2022

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The state sponsored propagandists have been giving their orders to fearmonger COVID again:

  • Anthony Fauci returns to the scene right as a massive COVID fearmongering campaign kicks off: We Must Be ‘Flexible’ Enough to Reinstitute Mandates If Necessary
  • Dr. Malone: Balancing fear: COVID-19 and Ukraine: Fearporn is a crutch supporting failed public policy (this is not propaganda but describes the propaganda)
  • NBC NEWS: Pfizer’s Covid vaccine safe in people with prior myocarditis, study says-
  • U.S. Covid-19 Hospital Admissions Near a Low, but New Risks Loom – WSJ
  • THE GUARDIAN: South Korea reports record Covid deaths as daily cases surge past 600,000
  • STAT: With infections spiking in Europe and a variant on the rise, experts warn the U.S. could face a Covid resurgence
  • CBS NEWS: “We trust the COVID vaccine,” heads of top medical groups say in ads targeting parents
  • THE INDEPENDENT: Worst area for vaccine uptakes in the UK revealed
  • AXIOS: The COVID booster debate is back
  • ROLLING STONE: Covid-19 Isn’t Done With Us. Are We Prepared For the Next Surge?
  • People: Blood Clots Like Hailey Bieber‘s Are Happening in ‘Younger and Younger People’- A vascular neurologist explains how blood clots can form and the stroke-like symptoms to look out for
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