200 Rector Place to get new rooftop lounge and pool

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RenderingUpdate February 28, 2013

The owners voted to do the renovations, below.

January 26, 2013 By Steven E. Greer

A group of apartment owners in 200 Rector Place are putting up for a vote a proposal that would overhaul the dilapidated, seldom used, rooftop pool and gym that has fallen into disrepair. For more than a decade, Milford Management has operated a substandard complex that required a full year of membership paid upfront, and provided limited hours during the week days, old fitness equipment, and pool  in need of repair. The solarium has also developed leaks.people

Rooftop properties with great views of Manhattan are premium assets and the owner believe that by renovating the area, converting it into a common space free for all members to use, it will increase property values as well benefit the residents.

An information flier circulated by the owner’s group states that a 1% increase in monthly building maintenance fees (an extra $16 per month for someone with a current $1,600 fee) would be enough to fund the project. The cost to operate the new rooftop would be $130,000 per year, including an extra porter staff, and a build cost of $1,000,000.

The new common area would have furniture for meetings and a service bar open to all residents. The pool would still require a membership. To be removed will be a kitchen in place now that is not used, along with locker rooms rarely used, adding 2,000 square feet of usable space.

The plan will be voted on February 26th. The Milstein company, and their Milford Management, is expected to go along with the outcome of the vote.

floor plan


Current look of the rooftop facility

Pool out of service for repairs

Pool out of service for repairs

The view west

The view west


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2 Responses to 200 Rector Place to get new rooftop lounge and pool

  1. L says:

    With all the talk over swimming pool projects in BPC, it would be refreshing to kmow of one that will forego the use of old clorinated cleaning techniques – but no, not one. It is a fact that chlorine over time can cause respiratory and skin problems. It is also a fact that there are on the market, for many years now, better and competitively priced non-chlorinated systems that are healthier and more sustainable. From what I know, the BPC community pool is a seriously chlorinated pool with poorly ventilated space. Ashphalt Green claims to be using a dual system that still employs chlorine but the staff could not provide further details. Gateway, currently renovating its pool, previously a health hazard, refused to comment – at least to me. I wonder if the management at 200 Rector will even consider a non-chlorinated system. Chlorine, a known carcinogen continues to be used in pools mostly out of ignorance. I had the chance of using – daily, a non-chlorinated pool for approximately 3 months with no skin itching, chlorine smell or asthma symptoms. Please help spread the word.

  2. admin says:

    I avoid public pools ever since I saw some gross stuff floating at the Los Angeles Mondrian Hotel pool during a Labor Day pool party where it was packed with people.


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