Read Between the Lines: 10-22-2019

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Trump tweets:

  • RT: Immigration Hardliners Fight For Cuccinelli To Be Next DHS Secretary : NPR
  • The Democrats are trying to draw out this inquiry because they don’t have the support. Donald Trump is guilty only of winning the 2016 Election.” @MZHemingway @foxandfriends
  • Can’t believe that Nervous Nancy Pelosi isn’t moving faster on USMCA. Her people want it, they don’t know why she isn’t putting it up for a bipartisan vote. Taking too long!
  • Thank you Republicans. 185 out of 185 present voted for “US” last night. Really good!
  • So some day, if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win the House, even by a tiny margin, they can impeach the President, without due process or fairness or any legal rights. All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching. But we will WIN!
  • “I thought a very revealing poll was done by The New York Times. By about a 10 point margin, those in battleground states polled are against impeaching the President, and if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t take note of that, maybe she is the third rate politician.”
  • Congratulations to on a wonderful and hard fought victory. Canada is well served. I look forward to working with you toward the betterment of both of our countries!
  • It is disappointing that House Democrats blocked a vote to condemn and censure Chairman Adam Schiff for lying to the American people. The full House of Representatives should have the chance to hold him accountable for his actions. ‘s H.Res. 630 deserves a vote.


  • So-called “alt-right white supremacists” get real prison time for beating up a violent Antifa member in Manhattan. Fine. But meanwhile, deadly violence is committed against conservatives in New York and the fascist government looks the other way.
  • Canada’s Trudeau wins 2nd term but loses majority
  • Woman loses both arms and a breast by shark attack
  • Super-creepy Ken Fisher, that fraud on TV commercials, is going down hard
  • NutandYahoo fails to form new Israeli government; rival Gantz poised to take up the challenge
  • Tommy can you hear me?
  • How was this not consensual? It went on for at least five-years. It is like making Stormy Daniels seem like a victim (It was also illegal and perverted for the men too).
  • Netflix selling junk bonds as Disney and other competition spell its demise
  • Flying taxis in Asia
  • This is beautiful. Last night, Tucker perfectly set up Pansy Lindsay and put him on notice. He showed clips of all the times he promised on Fox to investigate the Democrats, but then failed to do so. He said, “I bet the voters in South Carolina would not like this” Today, he is sticking up for Trump.
  • BTW, Lindsay will not appear on Tucker’s show because he is a puppet of the Deep State and Tucker will expose that.
  • Rand Paul also deserves credit. He is the senator pushing Lindsay to act.
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