Read Between the Lines: 3-25-2019

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Trump tweets:

  • Strangely, no tweets today, but yesterday:
  • “Good Morning, Have A Great Day!
  • No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” (in response to AG Barr summarizing Mueller report to press)”
  • Time to prosecute Hillary and Barack
  • Barr summarizes Mueller report: No collusion or any other wrongdoing by Trump
  • Gay Trump supporter calls the NY gay mob a bunch of fascists
  • A Texas scientist was called ‘foolish’ for arguing the immune system could fight cancer. Then he won the Nobel Prize.
  • Texas Mom Is Mauled to Death by Her 2 Pit Bulls, Who Are Then Shot by Police
  • Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested by New York prosecutors for extorting Nike
  • Mark Geragos is the scumbag who intimidated pedophile-victim witnesses from coming forward against Michael Jackson. He is now the co-conspirator in this Michael Avenatti extortion scam. This has been a turning point in law over the last 6-months. The normal way of doing business for most lawyers is now being treated as criminal behavior. Michael Cohen did for Trump what most lawyers do. He was not an outlier. Avenatti and Geragos tactics had gone unpunished until now. What they did is common. Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred are next.
  • UK PM Theresa May is on the way out. Her cabinet is resigning. Parliament took over the BREXIT process.
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