Residents in south BPC complain about trash on Pataki Highway

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Pataki highway with trashApril 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

When Governor Cuomo signed into law Bill A8031, it transferred the land rights if the vertical strip along the West Side Highway to the BPCA. It had been Hudson River Park property. However, the BPCA is still refusing to accept the responsibility of the land, and trash is piling up.

A building manager wrote to us-

“Hi Steve, Nice to meet you in person today.

I’m hoping you can assist us with getting the promenade cleaned up. The specific area of interest is from Battery Place to 3rd Place, between the Westside Highway and Little West Street, outside of the Millennium Tower Residences, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Visioniare.

Ever since BPC Parks Conservancy took over from Hudson River Park Trust, it’s been a mess out there. The BPCPC removed the garbage cans that were on the promenade. Now, the only garbage cans are along Little West Street.

Without the garbage cans on the promenade, garage piles up and blows into the bushes and trees. The picture attached shows just some of the mess.

As discussed, the Ready Willing and Able folks only clean along bike path, they were told not to touch promenade. I plan on attending the next Community Board Battery Park Committee Meeting on May 6th.

We really need daily maintenance of this area, like they do for other areas of BPC.

Thanks (name withheld)”

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One Response to Residents in south BPC complain about trash on Pataki Highway

  1. Frankie says:

    So we have complained about the pot smoke invading all our apartments
    We have discovered it is a group of boys smoking in the stairwells around the 27th floor of the stairwell in the 400 building closest to the water
    We have informed management
    Have they sent a security guard to perhaps take a walk in the stairwell every 8pm ?

    No no no
    They put up a sign up about people throwing cigarette butts out of windows
    Gateway has turned a blind eye to drugs in Stairwells like a ghetto project

    It is disgusting and if I fail my required random drug tests ( as required by several government offices, bloomberg, etc) ……………..gateway management will be responsible.

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