The Late Reviewer: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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June 10, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

Did you know that The United States has lost almost every war since 1945? I am referring to the secrets wars run by the CIA.

“13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, directed by Michael Bay and starring John Krasinski, details the day when the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by Islamic forces and the CIA base nearby refused to send help.

The movie makes a point to show the arrogance of the Ivy-League-educated elite CIA mentality, juxtaposed to the ex-military contract forces hired to protect the base.

Few movies depict the incompetence of the CIA, because the CIA has become embedded in mainstream news and media. For example, the film Zero Dark Thirty, about the killing of Osama Bin laden, was so detailed and realistic because the CIA gave director Kathryn Bigelow classified information in order to get ahead of the torture scandals. Or, the show Homeland is also nothing but CIA-fed propaganda depicting the agents as super smart and competent.

(By the way, Osama bin Laden went uncaptured for 10-years after 9/11 because of bad intelligence)

Well, the truth is that the CIA has over thought, over-Machiavellian-ized, its war strategies more often than not, resulting in utter failures, or escalated all-out war. “13 Hours” is the rare movie to show this side of the agency.

Ever since the invention of nuclear weapons, it has become too dangerous for nations to enter into official war. So, the United States, Russia, and others have fought through surrogate armies funded by their spy agencies, and the U.S. has not done so well.

Since 1942, when the precursor to the CIA known as Office of Strategic Services (OSS) hired only social elite from Harvard, and became known as the “Oh Such Snob”, our spy agencies have been run from a bubble out of touch with what it takes to win a real war. The failures are epic.

The Vietnam war started around 1954 as a covert CIA action. We know where that led.

The overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh, and replacement with the Shah of Iran, was the CIA’s doing. That led to radical Islam ruling the country for the next 35-years.

The 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba that failed miserably was a CIA action. That led to Communist dictatorship ever since.

In the 1980’s, Reagan began to fear Communism in South America, and the Iran/Contra debacle materialized in Nicaragua. It almost got Reagan impeached, and offspring of that campaign led to the CIA-funded crack epidemic in Los Angeles.

Saddam Hussein in Iraq was created by the CIA in hopes that he would defeat Iran. After he fell, ISIS popped up in Syria as remnants from the old Iraq army, as the CIA miscalculated again.

And that leads us to the Arab Spring and the fall of Libya, in which “13 Hours” takes place. Under the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama, a lame attempt to install an American embassy in Benghazi resulted in yet another CIA failure in 2012.

Being afraid to become associated with the unsuccessful destabilization of Libya, it seems by all accounts that the paltry forces at the embassy, and nearby CIA station, were abandoned by the Obama administration. In the early hours of the attack, the CIA chief, who is still anonymous and known only as “Bob”, refused to let his forces go to the embassy. They finally ignored him and went on their own.

Then, as the CIA chief’s own neck was on the line when the mob came after his base next, The Whites House and/or State Department still never sent any military response from Italy that could have arrived to the scene promptly. The CIA and military staff that survived left Libya on Libyan jets, not American ones.

Even as the attacks were still happening, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was spinning lies about the incident, claiming it was an angry mob upset over a movie that depicted The Prophet Mohammed. In fact, the attacks were carried out by organized military forces that carried ISIS flags.

What happens when you put non-military people from Harvard in charge of a secret army? You get failed covert wars. Actually, come to think of it, a Harvard lawyer is Commander-in-Chief right now, and our overall military foreign policy has seen better days. If Hillary Clinton is elected, a Yale lawyer will be Commander-in-Chief. What could go wrong?

If you are in the mood to be disgusted, then Netflix “13 Hours”.

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One Response to The Late Reviewer: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

  1. Dr. B says:

    You and I know everything can and will go wrong.

    During the famous 1950-s Whittaker Chambers – Alger Hiss trial, no one could believe that good old patrician, Harvard educated Alger could have possibly have been a Soviet spy…Everyone thought the schlubb slob Chambers was nuts. In the end, Chambers was vindicated.

    The saying went at that time, that it was “regular kinda guys educated at Fordham who worked honestly for the FBI were putting in jail the pink or overtly Communist, Harvard-educated smart guys who were selling out the country….

    I treated Hiss and even I was amazed when he Venona Papers came out and it was so well documented that Hiss was indeed a long time Soviet spy…THAT changed how I viewed the world and how much history I started to read…It’s also when I stopped believing the “State-controlled American media”…this was around 1993-5.

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