The Late Reviewer: Stop Making Sense

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August 1, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

On an absolutely perfect summer night for an outdoor event, the Rooftop Films company set up their screen by the marina and played the 1984 classic “Stop Making Sense”. The Talking Heads were on tour and young director Jonathan Demme captured their greatness more than 30-years ago.

It is amazing how well this music and film still hold up. The audience on the esplanade was breaking out in dance, and the people dancing ranged from age five to 65. Most of the people grooving were in their 20’s, as if this were the latest hits on their iTunes list.

They don’t make music like that much anymore.

David Byrne’s music and lyrics, backed by Tammy Weymouth on bass, Chris Frantz on drums, and Jerry Harrison on lead guitar, is all like a Baptists church choir in the south working themselves into a spell. The song “Take me to the river” is one of the final tunes and the church feeling is obvious.

This Talking Heads tour also featured some iconic visuals. David Byrne doing the arm chop, and his oversized suit, are now classics.

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  1. Paul says:

    Good stuff! I gotta check out the summer movies!

    Paul Gerard

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