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Apple TVJanuary 19, 2016- I actually used this thing three month after buying it. It is pretty neat.

November 3, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I bought the Apple TV box that connects to regular TV screens to turn them into smart-TVs. The mainstream press was raving about it, and I see why.

It took Apple five years longer than I expected to get this right, but this version of Apple TV finally turns the living room lean-back screen into a giant iPhone, complete with Siri.

I had Roku before this, and the crude handheld interface was unbearable. The Apple TV allows the excellent voice recognition of Siri to type for you.

I have not used it much, but the way Apple sets up “apps” for each TV content service, such as Netflix, seems to be superior to other devices.

For only $160, this is a must-buy product for anyone who has Apple products already.

Apple iMac out of the box 11-3-2015Now, I also bought a new 27-inch iMac, and this is not going as well. I have been a Microsoft Windows person, and I cannot even figure out how to do basic mouse maneuvers.


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4 Responses to Review: Apple TV

  1. kdlibny says:

    Total Apple Person and have been enjoying Apple TV for about 5 years and LOVE IT
    and all things Apple but before was a Microsoft person…never looked back after my
    first of many Apple Devices…

  2. Editor says:

    That’s me now, just making the big leap from crappy Windows to Mac, but this Apple mouse is terrible…not intuitive at all…not Steve Jobs’ finest work

  3. chris says:

    Try the Magic Trackpad 2 instead of the mouse. Apple makes great trackpads.

  4. Editor says:

    Thanks. Will do.

    Also, my normal two-button mouse should work with this computer too.

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