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Belle Reve lunch roomUpdate September 19, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

The only reason Belle Reve was cool when it opened was because Chef Paul Gerard brought his music industry friends to the place. We have learned that he is no longer contributing to the place now. It’s just a normal biker bar with no sightings of A-list celebrities.

April 6, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

We were the guests of Chef Paul Gerard today to tour his lunch menu at Belle Reve in TriBeCa. Mr. Gerard has previously been the Executive Chef for China Grill, run the kitchens at the SoHo House and The SoHo Grand Hotel (unrelated), and been the chef at E’s Bar, Exchange Alley, and others. However, Mr. Gerard has his fondest memories from his early days training in respected New Orleans establishments, such as Bayona under Chef Susan Spicer, and Restaurant August under Chef John Besh.

Mr. Gerard also has a media career that has him rubbing elbows with top TV and music producers. As a musician, he wants to promote performing arts Downtown, and Belle Reve will have several small musical or poetry acts each week (as well as cabaret dancers).

Belle Reve Paul GerardBelle Reve opened last month next to Macao on Church Street and gained attention for having impromptu live music performances, and sightings of celebrities, but the food has not been covered yet in the mainstream press.

Belle Reve green salad

Butter Lettuce Salad: Butter lettuce (aka Bibb or Boston lettuce) is a very delicate head lettuce. Gently garnished with half an avocado and green goddess dressing that is made with yogurt instead of mayo, and with twice as many herbs (chervil, tarragon, basil, chive) as the original recipe from San Fran’s Palace Hotel in 1923. The secret ingredient providing the ever-popular “Umami” is anchovy. This is not a vegetarian recipe. 

Dancer Belle Reve 2The lunch menu is very creative and had many items that you will not find elsewhere. Chef Gerard’s style with this menu is somewhat of a fusion of health food with quality American diner. One can find Vegan, gluten-free, beets atop a special pumpkin seed grain bed, and they can also have a double-decker hamburger.

Belle Reve chicken saladOpen Faced Chicken Salad Sandwich: Chicken salad with organic chicken, apples, chickpeas, celery, greek yogurt, salt & pepper served on a seed crisp with an herb saladManager at Belle reve
Belle Reve hamburgerBelle Burger: Two 4oz patties, griddled with butter, and topped with a delicious and devilish devilled ham (smoked ham blended with cream cheese, Dijon, and paprika. The consistency of a pate, this was very popular in the 50s, 60s, and 70s), with a slice of ripe tomato, chilies, and pickle sauce, served on a seeded bun with gherkinsPatrick Fahey Belle Reve sidewalk
Belle reve sidesSides: Smoked mushrooms, Zucchini braised in tomato sauce, Baked Farro (wheat) with parm & pesto, Roasted cauliflower with capers and cherry peppers
Belle Reve patty meltPumpkin Seed Patty Melt: Vegetarian patty made up of pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, parsley, oregano, and garlic between two slices of gruyere cheese, pickle, tomato, and remoulade on both sides of the (seeded hamburger) bun, all grilled together. Served with a side salad. 
Belle Reve beetsOpen Faced Jerk Beet Sandwich: Spicy jerk beets, sweet potato (jerk by association), and lime yogurt served on a seed crisp (pumpkin, chia, flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds with a little water) with an herb salad
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