Review: The Roxy

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Roxy loungeSeptember 19, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I went to The Roxy, which is the new name of the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Nothing much has changed inside. It is still the small jazz band playing in the lobby concept.

The new Roxy has some interior design changes, but the same inept management that has prevented this space from working for decades is still holding it back. The staff are terrible at their jobs, to begin with.

I was seated by the jazz band, and no waitress ever came over. I had to wave one down. They had far too few waitresses for this big space.

Then, I told them that the air conditioning needed to be turned on and the manager said, “I can’t control that, but I will call engineering”.

This is clearly a unionized hotel with staff exhibiting all of the signs of being unfireable.

The big development will come next week when the independently run jazz club called Django opens downstairs. Maybe they can do a better job.

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