Review: Brunch at Le District’s Beaubourg

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Beaubourg omeletteJanuary 31, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I still have hope that Beaubourg will become the North End Grill alternative to the community. They are making good strides, I am told, so I went back to test the brunch.

The first thing that I noticed was the improved ambiance. They have some French bread in baskets and a nice three-piece live music set playing. The last time I was there, the place was stark.

I then noticed that the menu prices are quite affordable. Plenty of entrees are under $15.

I tried the omelette, French toast, and crepes. The omelette was quite good. I saw some other egg dishes nearby too that looked good.

Unfortunately, the griddle items, which take some special skill to make well, were big misses. The crêpes with Nutella were too sweet and should have been desserts. I also do not like the way they make crêpes at Le District. They are too thick, like pancakes.

Beaubourg crepe and NutellaThe French toast was not thoroughly cooked. It was pretty much raw inside.

Beaubourg French toastBut again, I should emphasize that my omelette and other entrees around me looked quite good, and the prices are well in line with family dining. Plenty of young families surrounded me.

The service is improved, but plenty of mistakes were still made. They forgot the syrup, served me bread twice despite me saying “No. Thank you”, auctioned off the food when it arrived because the server did not serve it, and generally pestered me too much. There seems to be a lack of coordinating general management in the dining room.

All in all, Beaubourg is getting close. It is affordable, and they have dramatically improved since they opened. I can recommend it to viewers.


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