Review: Hill Country Chicken

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Hill Country fried chicken sandwichSeptember 16, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I am on a winning streak. I have found a second great restaurant in a row.

After trying out one pathetic fried chicken sandwich after the other, I stumbled upon Hill Country Chicken, which is spin-off of the main barbecue restaurant. They have five locations. I visited the one in the Flatiron district by Madison Park.

Everything about this fried chicken sandwich is perfect. The bun is not too floppy and they toast it to firm it up. The meat is white meat: moist, skinless, with a super crispy fried coating made of crackers.

Hill Country fried chicken sandwich 2I knew that Hill Country was opening this a few years ago, but I forgot all about it. Why the press hasn’t been all over this is a mystery.

I also tried the fried chicken pieces. They have skin-on and skinless. I recommend the skinless.

Hill Country fried chicken tendersThe French fries are nice.

They also have milk shakes that are quite good.

All in all, I’d wager that Hill Country’s chicken sandwich is the best one within 100-miles.

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