The PEP are still roughing up people for walking their dogs

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PEP-arresting-PrattSeptember 11, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Recall, our local park enforcement officers (PEP), who are not police officers, were abusing their power, roughing up BPC residents for merely waking their dogs. This was several years ago. Captain Falcon has since been removed from his position.

However, we have heard reports of the PEP still harassing mild mannered senior citizens in the community for alleged dog-walking offenses. For example, the nearby park called The Battery was somehow using our BPC-paid PEP to patrol their park and harassing dog owners.

In the Post today is a report of a woman who claims she was arrested for allowing her Chihuahua run leash free in a nearby East River park, “A retired schoolteacher says she was treated like Public Enemy No. 1 — when two Parks Department officers roughly handcuffed her and hauled her to a police station for simply letting her little pet Chihuahua run free in a park.

Joan Donohue, 77, says she was just trying to cheer up her rescue pup Herbie three days after Christmas in 2013 with a walk through East River Park, when she decided to give him a little time to frolic off the leash.

“It was just me and them in this frozen ball field . . . There was nobody down at the river,” she told The Post.

“These two guys piled in on me. They took my dog, they took my purse, they took my phone and they handcuffed me behind my back,” Donohue said.

When she asked for her handcuffs to be loosened, the officers spitefully tightened them, the suit states.”

Editor’s note: The City Parks Department hires dubious characters to work in the parks. The entire department is a quasi-welfare department that exists to provide jobs for people who otherwise would be unemployed. There are numerous cases of PEP employees stealing from people or committing other crimes.

The PEP are woefully undertrained and should not have arrest powers. The regular NYPD should be patrolling the parks. The existence of the current PEP actually causes the NYPD to patrol the parks less than they otherwise would, creating soft target zones and havens for crime. It is time to eliminate the job of PEP and replace it with real NYPD.

People are urging me to run for a city office, such as City Council in 2017. I am the last person in the world to want to run for an elected office, but it is starting to look like I am the only one qualified and willing to make changes to this city that has become a cesspool of corruption.

What do you think?

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8 Responses to The PEP are still roughing up people for walking their dogs

  1. Stephen Starr says:

    “You should run for City Council”

  2. Chase Gutierrez says:


    Enjoyed talking to you over the weekend at El Vez. Please keep me in mind for when you run for city council. I want to be involved in your political career on the campaign side.

    Chase Gutierrez

  3. Steve Schirripa says:

    i think you’d do great you got my vote

  4. Eduardo Rodriguez, MD says:

    It will be a good fit

    Eduardo Rodriguez, MD DDS
    Chairman, Plastic Surgery

  5. J F says:

    Run for mayor!

  6. M R says:

    You should run!

  7. Mom says:

    Yes, I think you should. You would be a great leader.

    Love, mom

  8. mldonovan says:

    Bravo! Thank you! I wish I could vote for you…

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