Review: Le District’s La Boucherie (meat counter and grill)

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Le District's La Boucherie ribeyeApril 12, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I tried out the steak grill adjacent to the meat counter at Le District in Brookfield Place. They call it La Boucherie. It’s a great idea to buy steaks at grocery store prices and have someone make it for you, avoiding the smoky mess of cooking steaks in a New York apartment, and avoiding the 200% markup of restaurants.

Le District's La Boucherie counterI chose a boneless ribeye. The French fries and cooking fee are only $8 total.

Le District's La Boucherie steak cookingLe District's La Boucherie final steakBecause this is essentially like a Whole Foods, rather than a Peter Luger, one must judge the meal appropriately. The steak was plated well with flavorful butter dollops on top. The fries were adequate. Since the total bill was $29, dirt cheap for a New York steak, I was pleased.

Le District's La Boucherie final billHowever, I had a couple of criticisms. The chef was guessing at the temperature, using no apparent methodology, so my “medium” steak was rare (and too salty). The other criticism is that it was not fun to watch them cook because the whole team was too flustered and discussing check confusions, etc.

Le District La Boucherie steak too rareThe entire Le District is already jam packed with people. This is a good sign for the viability of other companies opening up soon.

Le District crowds

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