Parm to open “within two weeks”

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Parm 5-28-2015Update May 19, 2015- We spoke with the chef who was on the construction site, and Parm will open “Within two weeks”.

Also, people are already confusing Palm with Parm. Will Palm benefit from this confusion?

Update January 31, 2015- Brookfield might be finally progressing. Not only are the two fine-dining restaurants inside (Amada and L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon) moving forward, but now the most anticipated of the all, Parm, is applying for a liquor license.

Also, signs of construction are evident now.Is this partially built bar new? I do not know. Someone clearly tore the paper to let us see.

Parm bar 1-31-2015Update December 6, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

As I wrote on December 3rd, refuting a bogus rumor propagated by a Tribeca dog walker with a blog, Eater has confirmed that Parm on Vesey Street has not yet begun construction. It is still the “vanilla envelope”, as they call it in leasing terms. Brookfield has delivered to them the empty innards, and the Parm folks have not begun construction whatsoever.

Eater photo of Parm on Vesey

How did BatteryPark.TV know all about Parm? We have had many conversations directly with the three partners, informing them of the Brookfield Place misleading updates, and that in fact Brookfield will not be completed until 2016. So, the team is prudently holding off. Likewise, all of the other sit-down restaurants in Brookfield will not be ready until 2016.

Has the dismal performance of Hudson Eats caused Parm to back out? Others have been invited to join Brookfield Place and declined, such as Stephen Starr, the people behind Hillstone, and Jean-Georges (another bogus rumor, by the way). Also, the troubles that even Danny Meyer is having across the street with his restaurants are well known to the small restaurant-owner community.

Is there really a demand in the area for $100 meals before tip? Stay tuned.

“We inform”.

Update December 3, 2014- A dog walker with a blog is pandering hard to get ads from the Poulakakos team at Pier-A, and the Brookfield Place group. He is propagating completely unsubstantiated rumors, such as “Le District to open soon”.

Today, he posted a comment to his site from an anonymous source claiming that Parm, to be located on Vesey and North End, has begun construction. That is completely false. The brown paper has been on the windows for years and the inside is a total empty shell.

March 6, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

I became impatient waiting for the Battery Park City Parm to start construction, so I went to the homeland in Little Italy to try out the original Parm. It was a quick shot up the R train to Prince Street. The Mulberry Street block it is on felt to me like a Hollywood stage.

Parm was the brainchild three years ago of the owners of the Torrisi fine dining restaurant next door. It opened in late 2011.

Parm and Torrisi frontsMario Carbone and Rich Torrisi wanted to make a “better Parmesan sandwich” ( much like Union Square Hospitality made a “better burger” with Shake Shack). Mario and Rich  have trained under other chefs, such as Maria Batali, Andrew Carmellini, and Wylie Dufresne, with Torrisi restaurant winning a 2013 Michelin star. So, their Italian comfort food menu at Parm has the brainpower running it of a fine culinary team.

Parm chicken parmesian hoagie holdingMuch as Blue Smoke in Battery Park City nails the small details, giving away the fact that its parent company also runs Gramercy Tavern, the hero roll of the chicken parmesan at Parm is fresh and soft, clearly made by good bakers. The chicken breast is super tender, and the breading is not overbearing or greasy.

Chef JohnParm Saratoga clubThe Saratoga Club sandwich is packed with fresh chicken salad and layers with thick bacon. The Brussels sprouts and broccoli could be served at Il Mulino.

Parm Saratoga club holdingSince it is my job, I relented and tried the huge slice of three-layered ice cream cake. Perfect.

Parm ice cream cakeI probably consumed 4,000 calories in one sitting.

Parm bartenders PSThis original Parm is a bit of a joke since it is super tiny small. But have no fear. The BPC restaurant will be huge. If you have been yearning for a casual Italian place to come to BPC, you should be quite pleased (Yes, that is an insult to the places currently in BPC).

When will we get our Parm? That is unknown. No one at Parm seemed to know of any dates for the BPC location to open.

Parm front PS248 Mulberry Street (212) 993-7189


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