Review: Lombardi’s Pizza in SoHo

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Lombardis small pie lowDecember 10, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

On the third day of my quest for the best pizza Downtown, I ordered in from famed 100-year-old Lombardi’s in SoHo. They do deliver if you call them, and it is pretty fast. However, they only take cash or corporate checks, and they are pricey. A “small” 14-inch is $28, or $4.7 a slice.

Lombardis box with check and money lowThis was the first pizza of my review that had taste. The red sauce was great, and the cheese could be tasted!

Last night, I had a cracker with cheese being passed off as pizza at Danny Meyer’s Marta. The night before, I had what could have been a Hostess Twinkie heated up, made by Papa John’s.

Lombardi’s makes a big deal out of their coal oven and the heat that creates a nice crust. It’s all folklore. The crust is nice, but no different than any other oven.

Lombardis crust lowI still like Totonno’s way out in the uncivilized parts of Coney Island best, but for pizza that is nearby, Lombardi’s takes the blue ribbon so far.

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