Review: The pizza at Eataly

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Eataly sausage mushroom pizzaFebruary 26, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I had to pick up some prints at Duggal on 23rd and stopped in to try out the pizza at Eataly. It is the best pizza I have reviewed that is of the classical style (I still prefer the more American style at Inatteso).

The crust is firm but not a cracker like Marta. The toppings were slightly more tasty to me than Lombardi’s, and you can get a small pie for one, unlike Lombardi’s.

Eataly pizza crustI got the sausage and mushroom pizza for $18.

The staff is nice and very Italian. The pizza chef was born in Italy.

Eataly pizza being madeEataly pizza ovensOur own Eataly in WTC Tower 4 will open in the Fall.

Marbel snow man 2-26-2015

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