Review: New York MotorExpo 2015

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Ugly luxury SUVSeptember 15, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I normally ignore the MotorExpo every Fall inside Brookfield Place. Cars bore me.

However, this year, I spotted two trends worth noting. One is disturbing. One is very encouraging.

The disturbing trend is to see that every luxury brand, ranging from Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, to even Bentley, have all made SUV’s because that is where the consumers are going. The publicly traded companies are now putting stock price over tradition, brand, and aesthetics.

These SUV’s are so hideous that they are visual crimes to any car enthusiast. I can never look at a Porsche 911 again and not think of this bastard mutant called the Cayenne. The Bentley should cause every Arab Sheik who owns a real Bentley to sue Volkswagen, the owner of Bentley, to have their money refunded.

How bad will this trend get? Lamborghini is making an SUV!

On the positive side, I am seeing more and more electric vehicles. The combustion engine should be obsolete very soon. Tesla still rules.

Tesla 9-15-2015

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2 Responses to Review: New York MotorExpo 2015

  1. roseonhudson says:

    Did anyone see the over 25 limos that were parked along Liberty Street and down South End Avenue last night? It continued along SEA to Rector Street.

    Were they there for a special event or did they move there from Vesey Street.

    Battery Park City is no longer a nice place to live.

  2. Editor says:

    I believe it was a Hermes launch party. Events like this put on by Brookfield should have to get community approval first. We will put a stop to the Canadian bullies who think they control this place.

    Write a complaint to the BPCA and CB1.

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