The Seaport homeless camp

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Seaport homeless camp BSeptember 7, 2015- by Steven E. Greer, MD

The homeless camps are out of control.I stumbled into this one by Pier 15 in the Seaport.

I spotted signs of heroin addiction. One lady was in a stupor having just injected.

Seaport homeless camp A

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  1. S M says:

    FYI…..Looks like Deblasio efforts to knock down encampments is scattering homeless, some to BPC, instead of getting them to shelters.

    I walk to asphalt green every morning at 530 am. Today I passed 6 homeless on promenade benches from Rector to the marina.

    Been taking this AM walk for 3 years. Only on occasion do I see possibly 1 homeless person asleep on a bench.

    No PEP of course either.

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