Review: The Dos Toros burrito is respectable

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Dos Toros taco toastedUpdate December 2, 2015- I had them toast the burrito after it was wrapped in foil. It makes it much better. I also noticed that the burrito maker was very skilled compared to Chipotle.

December 7, 2014– By Steven E. Greer

I previously reviewed the El Vez chicken and beef burritos for $11 plus tips, making them $15 menu items, in effect. Across the street at Hudson Eats is the Dos Toros working man’s option. Their burrito is $$9, faster, and has no tipping involved. But is it edible?

I found the staff at Dos Toros to be quite friendly and adept and rolling the burrito. The ingredients were high quality. The entire process is much like Chipotle.

Dos Toros burrito making 1Dos Toros burrito making 2The first problem I noticed involved Brookfield Place, and not Dos Toros. No one had restocked the trays, so I had to carry the burrito, Coke, and chips in my hands to a table. The Brookfield-hired dining area staff continue to be real problems.

Once I unfoiled the burrito and sliced it in half, it was very respectable. The tortilla is not toasted like the gourmet El Vez burrito, but it was also faster and cheaper. However, you can ask them to toss the completed burrito onto the grill and toast it, if you prefer.

The Dos Toros chicken burrito tasted as good as, or better than, a Chipotle burrito. However, the special tomato and salsa sauce of Chef LaForce at El Vez is much more delicious.

The chips and salsa were horrible, but only $2. I recommend skipping them (for great salsa and chips, go to El Vez).

Dos Toros salsaAt the end of the meal, one will find the Dos Toros burrito, at half the price of El Vez and much faster, to be a great lunch item. I have no problem recommending it, and will be using the Seamless delivery service for their food as well.

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