The Late Reviewer: The Last Man on the Moon

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May 27, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I watched a documentary about Apollo 17 and Gene Cernan called The Last Man on the Moon. He seemed like a nice guy. But some things were left in, not edited out, that were accidentally insightful:

  1. Even Gene Cernan is not sure why he was chosen to go to the moon. He stole it from another guy. He got the gig despite stupidly crashing a helicopter by flying too close to the water, hot-dogging. Also, on Apollo 10, which flew around the moon in preparation to Apollo 11 landing, Cernan screwed up and almost killed them all by forgetting a switch.
  2. Cernan was afraid of the dark. He said some things about how scary it was to land on an aircraft carrier at night, and being in the dark of the moon. Then, his fighter pilot buddy said, “You were afraid of the dark”
  3. Cernan, Buzz Aldrin, and others became narcissistic drinking rock stars after they came back. Neill Armstrong was one of the few who were level headed and wholesome.
  4. By the time Apollo 17 came around, Americans were bored of the moon program. Cernan just goofed around on the moon for three days, driving a buggy and making up experiments.

To his credit, Cernan was pretty honest about it all. He thinks of himself as a lucky man who was chosen for unknown reasons. There could probably be a comedy made out of it all, actually.

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