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The excellent fired chicken breast strips

November 17, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I landed late at godawful LaGuardia and wanted some quality food. So, I went to The Nomad (On my way, it hit me how surreal it is to have the President of The United States, Donald Trump, be a fellow New Yorker sitting in his apartment on Fifth Avenue.).

The raw “crudo” veggies

I had previous written a poor review, describing it as one with a chaotic staff and a kitchen trying too hard. This time, however, I enjoyed the place. For starters, the hospitality was excellent. A lady spotted me standing in the crowded bar and took me upstairs to a table. The service was competent too.

I ordered a light pilsner without too much of a hops taste. Nomad is the only restaurant bar that I have found which understands beers in this way. All other beer specialty joints have untrained bartenders who can proudly list the names, and proclaim “brewed locally”, but have no clue what they taste like and why. Most bartenders have no idea what hops even are.

nomad-cheeseburgerI ordered the cheeseburger and fries. Perhaps due to my last review, they fixed the French fries and now serve them in a cast iron pan rather than a tall cylinder that made the potato sticks tumble down like a game of Jinga. The details are superb, such as the silverware and condiments, since Nomad is an offshoot of 3-star-Michelin Eleven Madison.

The cookies and cream ice cream nuggets dessert, dipped in chocolate and dusted in cookie crumbs, was a good idea, but the kitchen ruined it by making them minus-40-degrees, rock hard.

nomad-cookies-and-cream-nuggets-2So, I was enjoying my first meal in New York since Wolfgang Puck’s Cut a few weeks ago. But then, I saw the check. They charged me $9 for the fries, making the true price of the cheeseburger $27.

nomad-tabI have previously reported how the real estate bubble is driving up rent, forcing huge increases in food prices or else go out of business. Knowing that, I am less angry with Nomad than I am with President Obama, who is creating another asset bubble with zero interest rates just to save his legacy with a fake economy.


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