Review: The Report

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February 24, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

Amazon distributed a 2019 film called The Report. It is about the US Senate investigation into torture after 9/11. It has some big name actors and the plot was pretty good.

What is interesting about the film is that it slams the CIA and John Brennan. That would be unthinkable in 2023, which is just a few years after the film was released. Times have changed.

Now, in 2023, we have a CIA that has gone rogue with Ukraine. Hollywood and everyone else is completely on board with that agenda. Also, more than 50 people like John Brennan signed a false letter saying That the New York Post Hunter Biden story was Russian misinformation, but John Brennan got off Scott free. Don’t expect an Amazon film about that.

The CIA has been off limits from criticism for years ever since the 2020 election changed everything. We know from The Twitter files that CIA/FBI inside of social media worked hard to stifle the Hunter Biden laptop story and sway the outcome of the election. A shadow government then took over, militarized the government, and found this same CIA/FBI and people like Brennan to be useful idiots.

The shadow government thoroughly controls the propaganda media. Therefore, The Report would never be made today.

When Amazon distributed this film in 2019, it made the Republicans and George Bush look bad at the CIA’s expense. Quickly, everything changed. Hollywood is now state-sponsored propaganda, just as Hitler dreamed in the 1930’s.

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