Review: Uncle Steve’s (Schirripa) spaghetti sauces are pretty good

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Uncel Steve sauce on pasta lowSeptember 18, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I received a mystery UPS package tonight, and it was a case of Uncle Steve’s spaghetti sauces, made by actor Steve Schirripa of the Sopranos. Although I had already eaten, I made some marinara sauce with ground beef, over De Cecco brand spaghetti.

Wow, it was a great meal, and I was not paid to say this, nor am I pandering to a celebrity. The fresh tangy tomato sauce was quite refreshing.

Uncle Steves sauces

Mr. Schirripa has been a long-time BPC resident, with kids attending the local schools. I have never bothered him when I see him in the parks, but I saw him at a charity recently and gave him my card. It was nice of him to send some of the goods to us.

Steve Schirripa apron

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