BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to ouster of PEP Captain Falcon

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Update November 11, 2014- As we predicted on March 21st, below, Captain Falcon has finally been removed from our community. A PEP officer explained that he was “promoted to Deputy Inspector” but that he will not be working daily from the BPC office. However, that explanation does not comport with the fact that the parks leadership had instructed Mr. Falcon to no longer be the spokesperson for the PEP at the monthly CB1 meetings, nor does the “promotion” story jive with what we have learned by speaking to the parks department legal staff.

Only BatteryPark.TV reported on Captain Falcon’s controversial leadership. “We inform”.

The new PEP Captain for BPC is a female, Paige Lener. Captain Lener had been on the job for one week when she introduced herself to the community at the monthly CB1 meeting on November 3rd. Hot spots of crime in Tear Drop Park and west Thames Park were brought to her attention. She downplayed the threats, describing the perpetrators as children and “babies”, and that her staff would be in “neutral” and not too aggressive with them.

March 21, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

With reports that felony crimes in the city parks are growing at 18%, Mayor de Blasio has chosen a new Parks Commissioner. The question remains whether our own Captain of the Park Enforcement Patrol, Ed Falcon, will have a job. He is currently to defendant in a civil rights lawsuit for beating a local resident in 2011.

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