Russia taking Ukraine is a personal attack on Joe Biden by Vladimir Putin

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March 16, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

It is obvious now what happened back with that second Nancy Pelosi charade of impeaching Donald Trump. The “high crime” for the basis of impeachment was alleged Trump coercion of Ukraine President Zelensky to interfere with the 2020 elections.

Trump was an outsider with his own government. He had no clue that his own Deep State had created the Zelensky Ukraine government in 2014 when Vice President Joe Biden rigged the Ukraine election. When Trump’s treasonous government employees in The White House got wind that he was going to make a call to Zelensky, they dispatched their best Ukraine spies, the Vindman twins, to listen in on the phone call. On the call, Trump dared to threaten to take away funding from the puppet government and panicked the spy agencies.

The impeachment was really about Trump threatening to take away funding of Ukraine. I bet everyone in Congress knew what it was about too and they said nothing.

Fast-forward two-years and the U.S. is staging a Vietnam-style surrogate war in Ukraine. By all credible accounts, Vladimir Putin’s Russian army will take over Ukraine. That will be yet another embarrassing loss for the puppet masters controlling Biden.

President Obama created the Zelensky government in 2014 and he assigned VP Biden the task of rigging the 2014 elections. Vladimir Putin is taking over Ukraine to personally embarrass now-President Joe Biden. Biden was popping off his paper-tiger mouth recently, taunting Putin. This motivated Putin even more.

People are finally saying all of the above openly on Fox News. What surprises me is that this was kept in the dark during the impeachment. We have so few real journalists now that it went unnoticed. Every mainstream reporter who cover the Pentagon and State Department are in the pockets of the Deep State.

As the Deep State loses the war, they are amping up the propaganda to absurd levels. Zelensky is their new Tony Fauci (someone else said this first and I cannot recall whom). Both men are useful idiot puppets of the propaganda effort. The closer Russia comes to winning, the more overexposed will become Zelensky.

In a few weeks when Putin takes over Ukraine, they will sweep Zelensky under the rough as they did with Fauci. Useful idiots are never rewarded for loyalty. They are expendable and treated with contempt.

In 2014, the lame State Department, headed by Hillary Clinton and then John Kerry, two true morons, and VP Biden, turned the epicenter of political corruption, Ukraine, into their own pet project. Now, eight-years later, their incompetence has allowed Putin to take it back just to spite them.

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1 Response to Russia taking Ukraine is a personal attack on Joe Biden by Vladimir Putin

  1. Michael Donald Wilsey says:

    Excellent analysis.

    One caveat; I think you are conflating charlatan with moron. A moron is clinically defined as an adult with adolescent emotions, skills, behavior and mindset.

    HRC and Kerry are more evil.

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