Sheldon Silver’s stop sign not helping PS 276

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PS 276 crossing with kids 4-8-2014April 1, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

The all-powerful State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s solution to the extremely unsafe road in front of PS 276 was to have the DOT place a stop sign. Local resident and mother of a student at the school, Tammy Meltzer, and the rest of the Silver cronies on the CB1, cheered the move stating that a stop sign was actually preferred over a full traffic light.

Recall, BatteryPark.TV has demanded that the BPCA install a traffic light. The street curves and northbound cars cannot see a stop sign or flashing yellow light. A crossing guard was recently struck by a car, right in front of PS 276.

Now, it has happened again. The same crossing guard was nearly struck by a car once again, prompting the school to send out this safety email message:


Maggie, our wonderful crossing guard, is very concerned with children running across the street in front of the school building on Battery Place. She was nearly hit by a cab again last week while crossing our students. What you can do as parents of the school:

-Please call 311 and advise that many cabs aggressively drive through the crosswalk while the crossing guard was still in the street crossing our students during morning arrival. Many cabs will make a u-turn into our crosswalk. Even with our new stop signs, many cabs and cars are not patiently waiting until our students and crossing guard are safely out of the street before they proceed into the intersection.

-If you must drive your children to school please let them off on the east side of the street adjacent to the school building or if you drop them off on the west side of Battery Place instruct them to walk to the street corner where Maggie can safely cross them. DO NOT MAKE A U-TURN anywhere near the school or in the crosswalk in order to drop off your children on the east side adjacent to the school building. DO NOT allow your children to run across the middle of the street, away from the crossing guard’s protection.  DO NOT STOP your car in the crosswalk while dropping off your child(ren).

–Please discuss with your children to pay attention to and listen to the instructions of the crossing guard. Do not disrespect or disregard the crossing guard.  DO NOT play games in the street with your friends (throwing hats into traffic, pushing friends into traffic, etc) playing games in the street seems to be a growing trend with more of our older students leaving school unescorted by an adult and signs of nicer weather.”

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4 Responses to Sheldon Silver’s stop sign not helping PS 276

  1. Liz says:

    There are more than enough lights on North BP. Why can’t they just put ONE traffic light in front of PS276. There is an accident waiting to happen.

  2. BPCResident says:

    I was walking by the stop sign last week and saw an M20 bus sail right through the stop sign heading north doing more than 40 mph. This was around 10am on a school day. Thankfully no pedestrians were crossing at the time.

  3. Battery Park Dad says:

    Wait until the tour buses really start rolling in — after a quick stop at the WTC to pay tribute in their white sneakers and jean shorts, how about a few drinks until dawn at Pier A? Straight shot (pun intended) in front of the school. I can see the mini-buses already flying through here.

    We need speed bumps and at a minimum a flashing light “school zone” with specific speed limits clearly posted during school hours.

  4. Anne says:

    Not to mention the busloads of people arriving and departing for the Pier A sponsored booze cruises that will be docking right there.

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