Simply disgraceful: Weeds overrun BPC parks

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Weeds by dog run AAugust 13, 2014- There are two marble planters near the West Thames dog run, within the BPC boundaries that for some reason are being treated by the parks conservancy as if they are not BPC property. The weeds are now six feet tall.

One man volunteered to do some weed whacking near the highway.

To express your outrage, write to:

We are also forming a Friends of BPC to address problems just like this. Please feel free to post comments, as well.

Weeds by dog run BWeeds by dog run CWeeds cleared by West Thames crossingWeeds cleared by West Thames crossing  B

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2 Responses to Simply disgraceful: Weeds overrun BPC parks

  1. barb says:

    A local citizen pulled out the weeds at the DOT 9A strip of property at W. Thames at West St since he “could not stand the look of this place.” I applaud his spirit to help the community look better.

    Photo of the dog park weeds – We pay via BPCA to keep up of the gardens within our monthly common charges.

  2. Editor says:

    I think what is going on is the usual turf dispute between the HRPT that used to own that land and the BPCA that now owns it after Cuomo signed into law Bill A8031. For unknown reasons, the BPCA does not want the new land given to them in the law and is disputing that it is theirs.

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