“Slumlord” Steve Croman Under Investigation by State Attorney General

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steve-croman-750x500July 30, 2014- The Daily News reports that a controversial Lower East Side landlord is being investigated by the NY AG for evicting rent-stabilized tenets in order to build luxury condos.

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  1. Resident says:

    Although croman is being advertised as attacking rent stabilized apt driving out his tenant using a ex nypl cop acting as a tenant relocator teaming up with his property manager going all over harassing and pushing out tenant to accept buyout or see you in court.

    What the media did not document is croma. In addition to rs apt his hired team of tenant relocator also attacks rent control, seniors , disabled, English speaking or not, caretaker, succession right tenant, former tenant winner in eviction, tenant who reach out contacting him to fix frivolous false claim rent bill charges.

    Tenant who seek dhcr for help and advise. Those are his attacked victim. He even attack tenant of other landlord and accuse them doing illegal apt renting and make multiple return keep trying repeat lawsuit complain their picked victim tenant live there. All you need is a tenant living in a non croman apt or home who have family member or a caretaker is a croman tenant. If you fit in this catagory you risk very high % becoming croman next pick victim. So the media is a little off in the news. It is not only rent stabilized apt. It happened only rs tenant has been brave to come forward to the media.

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