Soccer mom destroys other half of West Thames grass field

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West Thame sgrass field ruined again 10-9-2014October 9, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The West Thames grass field was out of service for most of the year as the parks staff fenced it off to re-seed the lawn. Kids playing organized soccer destroyed the grass.

There is a soccer mom that lives near the field who is belligerently dead-set on turning the West Thames field into a soccer field, despite the fact that organized soccer is not allowed because the grass cannot sustain the activity. Even though the ballfields on Murray Street are open to the public, she is making a play to grab her home turf, literally.

The West Thames lawn opened up recently after the new grass took root, and the same soccer mom, with too much time on her hands, has now moved the games to the north end of the field. The grass is now destroyed, once again.

The PEP officers are aware of the problem and refuse to stop the activity. A real possibility of this repeated destruction of the grass lawn will be the installation of unsightly unsafe artificial turf, and the entire West Thames Park will turn into a cheesy Chelsea Piers.

West Thames grass field damagePEP refuse to enforce West Thames grass field rules, leading to destruction of grass

Unsanctioned soccer class destroys 40% of turf on West Thames field within an hour

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