Steven E Greer, MD causes Tony Fauci, MD to retract his estimates of virus deaths

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April 6, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I was the first person to point out that Tony Fauci, MD, the unquestionable guru who had the morons in the media subdued like headlights to a deer, was in fact bluffing and making it up when he estimated that 200,000 people would die from the coronavirus. I based this on my decades of experience at making predictive models at the highest levels of Wall Street.

I repeated my essay on the Joe Piscopo radio show. Then, a few days later on Friday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ran a long segment on the same topic (i.e. that Fauci’s models were unreliable and that his irresponsible comments led to the closure of the American economy, causing more than 10 million people to file for unemployment (so far) and 700,000 jobs to be lost in March).

Today, on Monday, the dominoes that I set in motion took their toll on Chicken Little Fauci. When asked whether he stood by those fearmongering estimates, he backed down (see video above).

Fauci tried to revise history and say that his comments were based on the data at the time. Well, that is false. His comments were not based on any models at all and he said them to spread fear and manipulate governors and the President of the United States to close down the country. Fauci is a permanent bureaucrat Democrat who was being encouraged by the far-left to destroy Trump’s economy. He was drunk with power.

Tony Fauci needs to be held accountable.  There needs to be hearings to look into his communications with the Democrats and what his true motivations were. Regardless, he must be fired.

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    This was awesome Steve, thanks.


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