I discuss the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak on The Joe Piscopo radio show

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March 23, 2020- I updated Joe Piscopo today, focusing on the new drugs to treat coronavirus.

March 17, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I discuss the handling of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak on The Joe Piscopo radio show

Here is the link to the audio. https://omny.fm/shows/the-joe-piscopo-show/9-am-hour-3-17-20-peter-kelly-chef-and-former-gran

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4 Responses to I discuss the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak on The Joe Piscopo radio show

  1. Shelly Goldberg says:


    Dr Greer was the MOST compelling speaker on the virus. He needs to be on as much as possible. A powerful voice with lots of concrete data.. explore the drugs that potentially slow this virus down.. FOX News is beginning to focus more on this and the trial studies that are showing promising results. Dr Greer was amazing ..

  2. Dan Capriolo says:

    Good Morning Frank. Just wanted to say your guest Dr Greer really threw me through a loop. He certainly doesn’t play “follow the leader”.

    I got the feeling his comments, especially regarding Dr. Fauci, were totally unexpected. I could feel Joe’s shock through the airwaves; great radio.

    Also my work as a background actor has slowed. Most NY based prods are temporarily shut down. Take care of yourself and those you love.— Dan.

  3. James Agresti says:


    Nice to make your acquaintance.

    Great interview. I’ve heard a lot of talk radio, and I thought you and Joe were very engaging and informative.


    James D. Agresti | President | Just Facts

  4. Editor says:

    I will be on the Piscopo show Monday at 7:25 AM, on the station AM970

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