Steven E. Greer, MD: Chief Resident, NYU Organ Transplant

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(Me in Mexico doing experimental surgery on a device I invented)

October 20, 2021- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Every once in a while, a genuine medical breakthrough occurs and I stop to read more. This one hits close to home. It is another case of “The Six Degrees of Steven Greer“.

An NYU transplant surgeon, who himself is a heart transplant patient and has been in a coma for a month, implanted as an experiment a genetically modified pig kidney into a brain-dead human and the organ was not rejected.

In 1997, I was chosen to be the Chief Resident for the NYU organ transplant program. I was only a second-year resident. Normally, the Chief of that rotation is a third-year. Clearly, they saw me being ahead of my peers (Just kidding. No one else was available to do the crappy job.).

I have so many stories from this, and other experiences, that I drafted a movie treatment. I need to get it to film one day.

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  1. So young looking

    Eugene Grossi, MD
    Cardiac Surgery
    NYU Langone Medical Center

  2. Editor says:

    Thanks. I have not seen you in 24-years

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