The “surge in new Wuhan virus cases” is great news

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Update June 29, 2020- I told you so. This thinktank doctor, Scott Atlas, not only agrees with my essay, but he likely ripped me off too.

Last Friday, when I wrote this essay below, no one else in the country had the nerve to say the exact opposite of what the tidal wave of propaganda was fearmongering. I made the novel declaration that an increase of virus-positive cases in asymptomatic people meant that herd immunity was building and that it was safe to go back to school and work.

Well, not only does Dr. Atlas agree, he even used my novel words, “it is great news” Of course, Dr. Atlas was on the Serial Plagiarist’s show, and they likely showed him my essay.

June 26, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I called it, once again. On June 9th, I wrote, “This unprecedented communist-party-like anarchy in our country is made possible only by the equally historic oppression of the people for four months with the pandemic house-arrest orders. It was a recipe for an uprising of the masses… In the month of June, there will likely be another 5 to 10 million people re-employed. That is also so many people who can no longer participate in the radical movements. The window of opportunity to create anarchy and oust Trump is shrinking fast…Therefore, the pandemic fearmongers will be back trying to revive the mass house-arrest orders.”

Well, the daily onslaught of propaganda has been more powerful than I imagined. The false perception it created has become reality. Governors and mayors are already reversing their plans to re-open their towns, cities, and states.

The propaganda for two weeks has been the same message in dozens of different iterations: “We are seeing record numbers of new coronavirus cases” The headlines are designed to imply that people are dropping dead in the streets from a deadly pandemic. In fact, the opposite is true. Nobody is dying from this virus (literally, in some cases, such as New York having no deaths for many days, etc.)

A New York Times article today quoted the Miami mayor, “They’re thinking they’re invincible,” he said, adding that many of the infected have no symptoms.” My response to that is, “Ugghh yeah, having no symptoms means you are indeed invincible, by definition.”

The rise in “new cases” is caused by two things: A) The government is testing more people, and B) Most Americans, who happen to be considered “young”, are going back to normal life and interacting with one another.

Actually, there is a third reason for the spike in cases that does not fall under the “back to normal life” category. For the last 30-days, massive riots have taken place across the country whereby millions of people have congregated closely, ignoring “social distancing” edicts. However, because these folks represents the henchmen for the communist revolution, the Democrat officials in charge have literally written two sets of laws: one standard allows “peaceful protestors” to violate social distancing mandates, and one that makes the rest of America cower in their homes, unable to go to work or eat out.

Regardless of the cause in the increase in test-positive asymptomatic statistic, this “alarming rise in cases” is great news because almost all of the people testing positive for the Wuhan virus do not even know they have it. This virus is less virulent than the common cold (which is also a coronavirus in many cases), and likely less deadly than the regular seasonal influenza. This large portion of the population is acting as the best vaccine. They are creating herd immunity in the same way a man-made vaccine program would.

The CEO of a Texas hospital that is the source for the fearmongering stories about “hospitals in Texas at surge capacity due to coronavirus” refutes it all. The CEO of Houston Methodist, Marc Boom, stated, “The number of hospitalizations are being misinterpreted, and, quite frankly, we’re concerned that there is a level of alarm in the community that is unwarranted right now.”

In Texas, like all other states, patients admitted to the hospital are tested for the Wuhan virus regardless of the reason for going to the hospital. For example, if a hip replacement patient tests positive, they become part of this misleading number. In fact, patients in Texas are not becoming sick from the virus and being hospitalized because of the virus.

What the data from testing tells us is that the prevalence of this Wuhan virus is huge. I would estimate that more than half of the world has come across the virus. It also means that the virulence is extremely low, which means the risk of death is far below other causes of death.

President Trump correctly stated the above at his Tulsa rally this week. However, his White House press team as dropped the ball, yet again, and has failed to get this message out. Instead, they focused their TV talking points on defending the size of the rally crowd. Morons.

Even friendly venues, such as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, are now spreading the fear and urging states to slow or reverse re-opening. Quack idiot Marc Siegel was in full cowardly panic mode (see video).

The data we are seeing come in from around the country overwhelmingly support the resumption of normal school operations at all levels, re-opening of retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues, such as ballparks. Virtually no one is symptomatic from the Wuhan virus, and much fewer are dying in the general healthy population.

The elderly, frail, and sick still need to be protected by focused “mitigation” efforts, such as staying at home, wearing masks, and avoiding prolonged visits. Anyone becoming symptomatic needs to be treated promptly with hydroxychloroquine, dexamethasone, remdesivir, blood thinners, and other therapies. New hot spots, such as Dade County in Florida, need to be qurantined. The rest of the world needs to stop listening to the industrial-media-complex engineering propaganda designed to oust Trump.

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