Exploitation of a pandemic with house-arrest orders allowed the anarchists to take over

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June 9, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Last week, when the shockingly good June employment numbers hit, showing that 2.5 million jobs were added and the unemployment rate actually fell a point, the “news” went into full propaganda mode trying to spin the data in a negative way. They even resorted to insinuating that President Trump cooked the books. Why was the left so afraid of these numbers?

As people become employed after the pandemic house-arrest orders lift, they also become ineligible to participate in radical movements. It would be interesting to know the unemployment rate of the people who marched last weekend across the country. The majority of them were likely unemployed and disenfranchised. Ironically, the groups pretending to be the angriest, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrat officials, “community organizers”, college professors, and teachers were all cashing paychecks.

In the month of June, there will likely be another 5 to 10 million people re-employed. That is also so many people who can no longer participate in the radical movements. The window of opportunity to create anarchy and oust Trump is shrinking fast.

Therefore, the pandemic fearmongers will be back trying to revive the mass house-arrest orders. In the Apple iPhone newsfeed today, numerous propaganda stories from the Atlantic and so forth “report” that the virus will never go away and that we are recklessly opening up the country too soon:

This unprecedented communist-party-like anarchy in our country is made possible only by the equally historic oppression of the people for four months with the pandemic house-arrest orders. It was a recipe for an uprising of the masses.

George Floyd’s murder was just the spark to light the bonfire and the professional agitators are throwing wood on the pile. All of the large protests seen last weekend were manned by newly-unemployed people who were sick of being forced inside. They were tired of bickering with family members and staring at the walls. The hate spewed on TV stoked their anger. Now, those pressures have burst like a balloon as the country reopens. So too will the energy behind the Bolshevik Revolution 3.0 deflate.





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