These are the exceptions to the “mostly peaceful protestors”

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June 7, 2020- These are the exceptions to the “mostly peaceful protestors” that the media wants to promote. Of course, “mostly peaceful” is just a propaganda talking point distributed to all of the morons on TV. The opposite is true.

But let us assume for the sake of argument that there were indeed only a few exceptions and that a small number of innocent people were maimed and murdered by the rioters. How outrageous is it to brush them under the rug as a dismissable aberration from peaceful protests?

What if we said “Most cops don’t kill black men. George Floyd was an exception. Now move on and forget it” How well would that go over?

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2 Responses to These are the exceptions to the “mostly peaceful protestors”

  1. Catherine N says:

    Dear Dr. Greer, keep up the great work, thank you for your continued diligence!



  2. Samantha says:

    Seems like the entire 18-29 generation has forgotten that Black Lives Matters is a radical racist organization funded by Marxist groups that want a collective transformation of America akin to Cuba (and that’s been so successful). They manned voting stations in 2016 in Philly not allowing whites to enter and were incendiary during Duke Lacrosse. Their handout during protests are racist “whites stand in back don’t speak unless spoken to, if a black person tells you what to do, do it” this is not what MLK wanted. Not for another group judged by skin to get to the back of the bus.

    This is a very good article showing the real reason of riots, covid scam, etc by none other than a Catholic archbishop. I’m sure our commie Pope will have him excommunicated

    These are trying days breaking my heart.

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