I am starting to get worried

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June 27, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I am starting to get very worried. Trump has had a bad week and the fascists are becoming an accepted new normal. The mythical silent majority of gun-toting white guys in Real America are turning out to be no-shows. Real America is obeying illegal house-arrest orders like sheep. The rule of law is literally not in effect now as police are prevented from enforcing laws against serios looting and violent crimes. There is nothing stopping the mob from intimidating people away from the voting booth in November as their fraudulent mail-in ballots win the election.

The industrial-media-complex has done what I predicted and engaged in an onslaught D-Day-like propaganda campaign about a “surge in coronavirus cases” and it has worked. They created a false perception that is now reality. Even conservative Republican governors in Texas and Florida are reversing their re-opening plans.

I thought for sure that Americans and the Republican leaders would make a mockery of the fascists when they tried to revive the old pandemic fearmongering in order to stifle the economy. The Democrats had just looked the other way for a month as their own soldiers rioted by the millions violating social distancing. But I was wrong. That huge act of hypocrisy is going unnoticed by the Republicans and people at the White House. Fox News is mostly ignoring it.

Then, these obvious statistical ploys being used to hype a “surge in cases” is succeeding. The virus data are actually good news and the fearmongering should have been easy to refute. Instead, the Republicans are back to their old trick they started in February of outdoing the Democrats in pretending to be protecting us from a deadly pandemic. It is all posturing to protect their political careers at the expense of the nation. Our Republican leaders are not the Ronald Reagans they pretended to be. They are cowards afraid of losing their ruling-class-elite lifestyles.

The momentum of the fascists is strong. It has the disgraced anti-Trumpers from the camps of George W Bush, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan rearing their heads. We saw the despicable hair-gel-clown Mitt Romney marching in a Black Lives Matter parade.

Trump has suffered bad weeks before and rebounded nicely. I hope he does it again. He is already starting to arrest anarchist and make it public. The DOJ needs to start picking off the leaders of the anarchist just like the military did ISIS in the overseas battles. The good news is that the mob are morons and they will stay home if their organized leaders are arrested.

By the way, how the hell has George Soros and any other billionaire funding this anarchy avoided DOJ scrutiny? They are engaging in textbook treason.

If Bill Barr lacks the guts to do what is needed, he needs to be ousted. Barr seems to be a Deep State guy trying to have it both ways. Trump can’t do this alone. He needs a domestic law enforcement effort headed by the DOJ. I doubt Barr will even prosecute a single Obama stooge for their coup.

Also, Trump advisors, such as his daughter and her husband, the moron real estate inbred stooge Jared Kushner, are sending him wrong messages. What is Melania’s role in this? She seems to be an elitist who covets wealth and power. Is she steering Trump towards appeasement of the fascists?

It was a huge mistake to let this rioting get out control. For Trump and the Republicans to cynically think they could use rioting as a political prop to turn off people from voting Democrat in the Fall was a miscalculation that only a wealthy clueless real estate heir would make.

I am optimistic that Trump will assess this bad week and take corrective action. He has been a master at that in the past. Let’s hope.

(Editor’s note: I have been critical of serial plagiarist Tucker Carlson for using my essays as inspiration for his monologues without giving me credit. Therefore, I will set an example and correctly acknowledge that some of the ideas in this essay have been first uttered by Mr. Carlson. He beat me to the punch, but I had the ideas on my own.)

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2 Responses to I am starting to get worried

  1. Juan says:

    I am scared but became terrified 4 weeks ago

    My father left Cuban socialism. He said what’s happening now is exactly what happened in Cuba 1957. Statues, Catholic Churches, silencing, rioting, using poor blacks and rich white college elites to overthrow the president.

    His sister is in Cuba – no Internet, no food, doctors paid

    If only young people could see the real Cuba or Venezuela

    The GOP should be showing what shitholes the left will bring them

  2. Editor says:

    Thanks, Juan

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