How the Republicans should respond to the social unrest

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June 7, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Police abuse and corruption is a multi-racial problem that affects all Americans. The Republicans need to harness this unrest seen in the large protests by normal people who are angry enough to join in. This, along with healthcare reform, is a rare winning point for the incompetent Democrats if the Republicans do not adopt the agenda as their own.

There are some bipartisan issues in the plans being floated on congress.

  • First, the unconstitutional laws that grant immunity to governments and employees have to go. I am fighting that in the Supreme Court of the United states and will hear on June 18th if they take it.
  • The Justice Department, not internal police teams, should investigate all corruption and abuse charges.
  • Then, the entire paradigm of police training needs to be changed. Local rinky-dink cities, and even large cities, are not capable of training men in their 20’s on using psychology to deescalate, control their anger, or how to use deadly force. Police should all be trained in the military first, if they want to use a gun. There should be new police forces created that patrol and do not use guns.
  • There are better ways to subdue someone other than opening fire on the person. Currently, killing the “perp” is actually encouraged because it makes it less likely the officers will be charged.
  • Laws that make it legal for police to seize cash and property with impunity need to be cancelled.
  • Police should not be able to work side jobs in strips clubs, for example, which invites corruption.
  • The way police approach homes and apartments has to be changed. Far too many times a year, some innocent person gets shot because cops barrel into their homes. Related, SWAT teams have to be curtailed and regulated.

If President Trump got something like this passed, it would be a big political win. Many of our constitutional rights have been trampled upon for so long that we accept it as normal. This is a rare time when the angry left and the angry right will agree on something.

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