Rare Ferrari 275 GTB worth $7 Million parks by Ritz-Carlton

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Ferrari 275 GTB angelUpdate February 22, 2014- As the wealthy look for more alternative forms of investment, rare cars are now the latest form of currency. A Ferrari sold for $21 Million this week

August 23, 2013- This 1967 (or 68?) Ferrari 275 GTB was rumored to be worth $7 Million and parked by the Ritz-Carlton as part of a large Ferraro convention. A related Ferrari 275 GTB sold last week for $27.5 Million, breaking all car auction records.

Interestingly, most spectators who did not know a thing about Ferrari’s found this one to be the most beautiful, consistent with the views of car auction experts. When a good piece of art is made, it resounds with everyone.


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