Tessa Huxley’s gardeners allow every ilex shrub to die

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Dead ilex rector Park closeMay 13, 2015- BatteryPark.TV has previously pointed out the deteriorating conditions of the greenery in Battery Park ever since the BPCA fired dozens of competent veterans and brought in cronies to replace them. The plumbing and sprinklers have not worked for years. Weeds are overrunning certain areas, and even the landscaped flowers are less impressive.

The most visible example of the BPC Parks Conservancy incompetence has been the East Thames grass field. Because there is no working plumbing for the sprinklers, and because the staff refuse to rest the lawn periodically, it has become a trample dust bowl.

Now, those same horticultural experts have found a way to kill hardy ilex shrubs. Every one of them in Rector Park and along the esplanade is brown and appears to be dead. The shrubs were green and alive this year until something happened.

A park employee explained that they believe the cold winter caused the damage. However, they are now manually watering them, indicating that the plumbing and lack of water could be a culprit. They deny doing any fertilizing or spraying.

Also, if the cold winter was the problem, why are other ilex bushes in the city dead? Why did these same bushes survive the cold winter the year before?

Of note, other similar bushes in Rector Park that are still alive are actually boxwood. They are not ilex.

Dead ilex rector park far 3Dead ilex bush Rector Park far

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