Exclusive: The actual federal files from the unsealed Epstein documents

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January 3, 2024- by Steven Greer, pro se litigator

The actual federal files from the unsealed Epstein documents

I bound them all into one PDF for easy searching.

  • I don’t see the flight logs to Orgy Island. This is what we need to see.
  • Trump is not implicated so far.
  • Bobby Kennedy is not implicated, so far. However, Tony Lyons, Kennedy’s PAC runner and publisher, is mentioned.
  • Alan Dershowitz is mentioned many times, but the girls deny they had sex with him.
  • Of course, Bill Clinton is mentioned about 50 times, but no one was willing to implicate him as having sex with them.
  • Bill Gates is not mentioned. How? This batch unsealed is not the good stuff.
  • Prince Andrew is implicated.
  • Jean-Luc Brunel is a big story not yet reported. His name is all over the place. I have had dinner with him in New York when I dated models. He had a model agency that supplied girls to Epstein. The plaintiff in this case wanted to depose him and then he was found dead.
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