The United States Stock Market is RIGGED

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June 24, 2023- by Steven Greer

 Ever since 2021, when the “meme stocks” like AMC were exploding upward by thousands of percent, killing the hedge funds that were short, I have searched for the mechanism by which the short squeeze trading was halted by Janet Yellen at the Treasury. I knew the markets were manipulated, but I did not know how. I asked my former Wall Street colleagues who are very sophisticated at market making. When I told them about black markets, they said it was nothing new. But they did not realize how bad the situation was.

The first scam that occurred was when shady FinTech companies, such as RobinHood, were creating fake short shares to sell to borrowers. Normally, the problem with shorting a stock is that the allowable shares outstanding get gobbled up. Well, the scum maggots on Wall Street started to sell fake shares in a Ponzi scheme.

When savvy investors in 2021 realized that the meme stocks were excessively shorted, they saw opportunity to short squeeze them with orchestrated retail buying. That is when AMC and GME exploded.

When it became clear that the hedge funds were now too big to fail, Janet Yellen stepped in and halted the stocks. Then, they figured out this black market order diversion scam. Recall, Yellen was workign for Citadel and is still getting paid “speaking fees” by hedge funds.

I saw a lengthy tweet by @WallStreetApes that I thought I would repost. It explains it well.

The United States Stock Market is RIGGED

Head of the SEC Gary Gensler confirms 90-95% of orders DO NOT count anymore for pricing. We no longer have a market because NOTHING you do matters, supply & demand doesn’t exist.

Short sellers have found a way to make sure they they can NEVER LOSE by running everyone’s orders through dark pools so they no longer impact price. Normally the more buyers a stock has = more buying pressure = the price goes up

Selling pressure means stock price goes down Short sellers lose money if the stocks they are shorting increase in price. So Bernie Madoff created a scam called payment for order flow wchich lets them route everyone’s orders off exchange/ through dark pool and these orders no longer count to pricing, so prices can never increase. This ensures they can NEVER LOSE

They are abusing the system so badly that 90-95% of orders no longer count to pricing. Gary Gensler confirmed this on national television 494 days ago and still NOTHING has been done. Every day, the market opens and they let you be robbed.

The worst offender of this is of course Ken Griffin of Citadel who is posting profits never before seen in history robbing the world with this scam. Ken Griffin is Ron DeSantis’s MEGADONOR.

Payment for order flow PFOF is a SCAM and must be banned. Most impacted stocks AMC APE GME $AMC $APE $GME GameStop

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  1. Chester says:

    Was Signature Bank and SVB brought down bc they were involved in Crypto which is a threat to Federal Reserve and currency?

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