The best art is edible

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Carbone interiorMay 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I am starting to realize that the best chefs are actually artists: not metaphorically, but literally.

Last year, I discovered the chocolate factory in the Tribeca FIKA, run my Hakan Martensson. He is obviously an artist (below).

FIKA dragon egg 1

This winter, I was observing the photos posted by Chef Thomas Keller as he made the dishes for the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars. They were nothing but sculptures made of carbohydrates and proteins instead of clay (below).

Keller Vanity Fair Oscar

Then more recently, I was impressed by the interior design of the Carbone restaurant (photo at top), as well as the entrees (below). The chefs did all of the interior work (I believe that David Bouley also designed the interiors of his restaurants, as well).



The nachos made by James Tracey at El Vez are handcrafted pieces of edible art (below).

El Vez chicken nacho topThe lobster soup made at Brushstroke is art that could be photographed and framed (below).

Brushstroke lobster soup

The chocolate chip and walnut cookies by Holy Cow Bakery are the prettiest things I have ever seen, made of sugar and flour.

The sense of taste involves all of the senses, including sight. Scientists have demonstrated how blindfolded subjects cannot differentiate one food from the other.

A great chef must be at least artistic, if not a genuine real artist.

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