The biggest A-hole in Hollywood is from New York, surprise surprise

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Chris Rock and Scott Rudin On The Set of Their New MovieDecember 14, 2014- Hollywood is full of scum. the recent hack into Sony Pictures computers has revealed the details. Emails between the head of Sony, Amy Pascal, and producer Scott Rudin, have made the news.

Now, The Post reports that Mr. Rudin has long been known as the biggest asshole of Hollywood, “As beloved as he is by directors, writers and some actors, Rudin is loathed by those who’ve worked beneath him. He has a reputation as a bully, a megalomanic, a vulgarian and a sadist. I don’t think he’s fully in control of the things he says and does to people.He has pushed assistants out of moving cars. He has thrown so many phones at assistants that, lore has it, a box of fresh ones is always on hand. He has fired people for bringing him the wrong muffin, mispronouncing names and, in at least one case, having to attend a funeral. One dismissed lackey wasn’t even allowed to put on his coat ­before leaving the building. The average Rudin assistant lasts four weeks.”

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