The Birds of Greer Lake

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February 22, 2024- I have only been here for 8-weeks, but I have recorded numerous species of birds on Greer Lake.

Long Legged Wading Birds

Sandhill Cranes: These are the same two from a few years ago when I live a few miles away. Below is the male I named Brutus.

Below is the female I named Harriot

Full-sized Blue Heron (below), which is different from a Little Blue Heron

Great Cormant (below)

Limpkin (below, with little blue heron)

Limpkin mates (above)

Little Blue Heron (below)

Snowy or White Egret (above), with Little Blue Heron again

Snowy or White Egret, adult, same bird as paired with Little Blue Heron

Glossy Ibis (below)

Pink Flamingo (not pictured yet, but witnessed)


Mallard (below)

Smaller flying birds

Loggerhead Shrike (above)

Palm Warbler (above)

Crackle (above)


  • Seagull (not pictured yet, but witnessed)
  • Red Wing Black Bird (not pictured yet, but witnessed)
  • Morning Dove (not pictured yet, but witnessed)
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2 Responses to The Birds of Greer Lake

  1. Charles CARROLL says:

    People who love animals are enlightened people.

  2. Mona Leonard says:

    Don’t you love living here? I’m a native 6 generation Floridian, teaching my granddaughters about the beauty that surrounds us.

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