Mystery solved: Why MTA buses are parking on North End Ave

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Update November 19, 2015- Mystery solved: these buses used to sit and wait across the street on Murray Street by St Johns. That is now a construction zone, so the MTA seems to think we in BPC are fair game.

Send them a letter to the contrary.

Carmen Bianco
President, MTA
2 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

November 17, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Celebrities are treated like royalty in Hollywood, but not so much here in New York. Lately, Leo DiCaprio’s house has been the preferred location for the city to dump its unwanted vehicles.

Recently, an undercover narcotics unit of the NYPD relocated to 250 Vesey and they brought along with them all of their unmarked cars and parked them anywhere they felt like parking along North End Avenue. Even at 2 River Terrace, where the celebrities live, the cops illegally parked right in front of the entrances or blocked fire hydrants.

Now, the MTA is detouring the large city buses from the West Side Highway, through Murray or Chambers Streets, onto North End Avenue, then down Vesey Street. At times, five or more buses are jampacked, idling, spewing diesel exhaust, right by the Conrad Hotel and 2 River Terrace.

No one we spoke to knows why this detour began or how long it will last.

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