The Netflix Late Reviewer: Edge of Tomorrow

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Netflix TV screen feetNovember 20, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I finally watched the 2014 Tom Cruise film, Edge of Tomorrow, which pioneered a new genre of video game movies. It is not bad, and that is saying a lot since I do not like video games.

The video game industry is twice the size of the traditional Hollywood theater industry ($80 B vs. $40 B), and Hollywood has been trying to tap onto this. They finally succeeded with Edge of Tomorrow.

The plot of Edge mimics that of any action game, whereby the viewer repeats the same scenes many times until they figure out the game and proceed to the next level of difficulty. The characters in the film are wearing giant robotic suits, to make them like any number of video game Sci-Fi characters.

Thanks to good casting and acting, this film works. It easily could have been a disaster.

As a result, the actual video game companies are getting into the film business. There will be movies for the theaters based on their games, which is the reverse of how Edge was created. Also, traditional movie studios are working on interactive watching experiences.

So, the world of video games and Hollywood movies are merging into one.

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