The Clintons still control the DNC and are still flagrantly rigging the primaries

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February 4, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Holy cow. The Clintons still control the DNC and are still flagrantly rigging the primaries, ala 2016. America awakened today to learn that, for the first time ever, the normally reliable Iowa presidential caucuses were invalid to to the malfunction of an app that the DNC created to count the votes. This has all the hallmarks of a Clinton covert op.

This time, the Clintons, I propose, wanted to muddy the waters of the crucial Iowa elections to nullify the clear Bernie Sanders win. So, they devised yet another elaborate Machiavellian plot to blame an “app” The makers of this Iowa app came from Hillary’s 2016 data team!!!

So, if this “app” excuse were not a ruse orchestrated by the Iowa Democrat Party, then the paper ballots would be easy to tabulate, or so one would think. Reporters should be able to get inside those offices and watch it all in action, right?

Well, nope. As you see in the video above, the headquarters for the Iowa Democrat party left under the cover of night to an undisclosed location to avoid the press. This could not possibly look more suspicious.

Donna Brazile, the head of the DNC when the 2016 rigging took place, admitted in her memoirs that she rigged the primaries. Back then, numerous papers reported on the sudden disqualification of more than 100,000 Bernie Hipsters in Brooklyn, etc. Otherwise, Bernie would have won New York and California in 2016. That covert operation is an historical irrefutable fact.

Recall, going further back, Secretary of State Hillary’s childish plot after the Benghazi embassy massacre was to create a fake man, head wrapped in a towel to hide his identity,  who supposedly made an Islamic-insulting video that was somehow the reason the Benghazi riots erupted.

Then, more recently, the Clintons dreamed up the whole Russian Collusion fiasco, I posit. Wait and see. When the criminal prosecutions begin, this will all become clear.

Now, this “Iowa Caucus” stunt has the Clintons’ fingerprints all over it. Time after time, they dream up these elaborate plots to hide their wrongdoing (remember the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary claimed was the cause of the Bill Clinton impeachment, before the irrefutable DNA evidence of the blue dress semen stain was exposed). But they are too childish and stupid to realize that their plots always become exposed. It is all just like those old Pink Panther parody movies.

What is interesting too is that the Clintons, despite being stained by Hillary’s bad 2016 performance and Bill’s ties to underage prostitution via Jeffrey Epstein, etc. (not to mention his impeachment and disbarment) are still running the DNC. That means the Democrat party is utterly leaderless and the Clintons are filling the power void. The Democrat Civil War is raging.



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    You have nailed it with these pronouncements. Stay in there.

    Vince McGowan

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