The fancy salad is where you find flavor (not fried or oily entrees)

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February 19, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I just ate a small baby-green lettuce salad with croutons, tomato, sunflowers and vinaigrette dressing. I used to think of a salad like that as a frivolous little accessory to a meal that provided no nutrients or calories. But it’s not. A small salad will keep one full because it has a large volume to it and fills the stomach, triggering the brain to be satiated. Whereas, most western culture entrees are high in oils and fat, which have low volume, not expanding the stomach, leaving one hungry a short time after eating 2,000 calories of pasta, etc.

Also, I am finding salads and vegetables to have ten-times the flavor of fatty meats and oily food. It is the highlight of my day in terms of food. The best restaurants in the world are catching on too.

I bought a $400 Breville countertop convection oven so that I can start making non-oil french fries and roasted vegetables. I can also make perfect toast, which can only be made if you put it in flat and then put the jelly or whatever on top so that it gets hot. Toast with cold jelly or cold butter is disgusting. The vertical toaster is idiotic.

I am down to 187-lbs. That is despite me eating two servings a day of chocolate bars or Girl Scout cookies and doing zero cardio.

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